Gasp-worthy Grapes Are A’Growing.

Calling all fruit lovers, vineyard swooners and snackers with ‘grape expectations’. To the Concord crazies, the seedless fanatics and, heck, all the winos out there too. Allow me to introduce you to a brand-new brand of brand-new table grapes that’s bringing fresh shapes and tastes to this often forgotten fruit.

Bright Vines™, now appearing in produce aisles across the nation, are noticeably different breeds of grapes that will have you WOW!-ing all over the place. There’s “The Funny Yummy Grape” aka Sweet Sapphires® that are long like fingers and burst with sweet fruity flavor. Then there’s “The Juicy Burst Grape” aka Candy Dreams® that seriously taste like the love child of Welch’s grape jam and a juice-filled Gusher. There are also two more poppable crossbreeds that you’ll absolutely love to love. But before you start freaking out about what it took to grow them, rest assured: there’s no funny business here. All Bright Vines are all-natural, U.S.-grown and Non-GMO Project Verified. They’re just grapes meeting grapes to make new…well…grapes.

(photos from

Bunches of thanks to the Sterling-Rice Group for letting me name and help position this unique and vibrant produce brand. The name evokes imagery of shimmering, sun-lit lands and fruitful acres while the bold, poppy logo rounds things out to create a brand born to stand out in the boring world of the same old reds and greens. Pluck yeah, baby!

I’m So ExciteEd! And I Just Can’t Hide It!

I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.

Introducing the new name and branding for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science‘s school and group programs: ExciteEd. This collection of educational programs literally could not be farther from boring lectures and lame-ass field trips. They’re lively experiences of learning, laughter and excitement in equal measure, which was the inspiration behind this fresh and energizing new name.

Within ExciteEd lives everything from guided field trip experiences and overnight adventures to mobile museums (think food trucks that serve exhilarating knowledge instead of tacos), the Virtual Science Academy and the best darn teacher professional development you could hope to earn your credits through.

Program and sub-program naming conventions by yours truly. So-good-it’s-stupid design and visual style created by Urban Canvas. This month’s favorite client kudos awarded to the Museum marketing team. You ladies rock my world.

(images courtesy of Urban Canvas)

We Are Market.

First, they went BOOM. Now, we are Market.

It is with great pride and passion that I announce the launch of a new brand and brokerage from my friends Todd, Heidi and Laura, formerly of BOOM Properties fame.

It all started with a name. This relentlessly hardworking team sought a name that would speak to their behind-the-scenes expertise in the Boulder-area marketplace. They are the workhorses. The sherpas. The powerhouse that keeps commercial real estate moving forward. We decided to let other brokers plaster their pretty faces on signs and benches, for we would represent more than a face. We would be the market itself. The name: Market Real Estate.

From there, I brought in the talented Rachael Harp to give Market a vivid, textural brand identity and style. Shortly to follow: the website, marketing collateral, property brochures, business cards and about a million and two other things that all had to challenge the conventions of commercial real estate.

We kept things simple on the web, making a point to make our points without too much fluff. Readers can uncover who we are and what we do with little searching required. The brand voice is pointed, direct and unashamed in its boldness, and same goes for brochures and property descriptions. Each one is a unique story that sells the space in a different way than other brokerages. It’s less about functional details (covered elsewhere) and more about a feeling—crafting something that’s actually fun to read. Wait…fun in commercial real estate? Yes. Hell freaking yes.

Check out the website to get a taste of the new brand (I even got to come up with a kickass URL: And if you live in Boulder, look for our new signage in front of available properties. Where there be yellow and teal, there be Market.

It’s Okay to Stare.

True style is born from self-expression, and if one brand can prove how much creativity, cool and head-turning confidence can come alive from “frame fashion,” it’s On Your Face Glasses. Founded by corporate expat and longtime eyeglass expert Jen Stier, On Your Face Glasses is where individual style and playful sophistication collide to make you (and you and you and you) feel your best behind a sweet new pair of specs.

This startup’s freshly minted website is officially up and running, and it features one-on-one customization and online convenience to help anyone and everyone find their next great frame. Like the site says (and I wrote), Jen’s not just here to help you find glasses that fit your face in every chic detail. She’s here to bring your style up to your level—of passion, personality, success, attitude and everything else you’ve got going for you.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed helping bring this brand to life. Thanks to designer extraordinaire Lacey Ankenman for looping me in, I had the opportunity to shape On Your Face Glasses’ creative strategy and tone of voice, as well as write all the website copy. We landed on a personality that’s confident and playful: the outfitters of true individuals. This is a brand that goes beyond simple shape, size and color to unleash what’s within and let your inner awesome shine out.

The site highlights Jen’s signature stylist video chats and curated collection of frames with sass, class and everything in between. So if you’re sick of the same old glasses, head on over to OYFG and treat your peepers to the future of eyewear shopping. Oh, and many thanks to the lovely Ms. Stier for trusting me with her baby, and to Lacey for being a fierce friend and partner, not to mention an embarrassment of visual talent. I wuv you both.

Snack on the Wild Side.

What started as Veggie-Go’s™ snacks has now grown into a bold new brand bursting with fresh flavor (and ideas). Ladies and gentlemen: Wildmade™.

Since veggies are no longer a part of every recipe, this awesomely organic, Boulder-based snack brand has fittingly evolved its name and branding to match. Veggie-Go’s strips and bites will still be available under the same name with a Wildmade tag, and the brand’s first fruit-only product (the first handcrafted fruit rolls made with nothing but real fruit) has officially hit shelves with three ridiculously delish flavors, the updated name/logo, and a tasty package I have to remind myself not to eat. Only what’s inside, Erin. Only what’s inside.

I was thrilled to take on the naming and copy for this project alongside the team at Sterling-Rice Group, as well as the va-va-vibrant website update with my buddies from Urban Canvas. So if you want to do your mouth a favor, head to your local grocer and snack into the unexpected. You’re one of the wild ones now.

Pact: The Coolest Brand to Lust After

The new Pact has a new website, and you can bet your organic cotton thong that I had a blast writing it in our cheeky new tone of voice. Ha! Thong? Cheeky?! I’m funny, trust me.

Now, I know I’ve already gushed about the Pact rebrand, but I just can’t help myself. So please, just keep reading and don’t ask questions.

The awesome online refresh features our new look, new logo, new copy and will continue to evolve with updates to the product pages and new earth-friendly styles you’ll crave in every color. The new homepage hits hard above the fold with an in-your-face brand message and then draws inspiration from today’s scroll-happy Insta-culture down below. Then the About page tells our story with energy, uplifting wit and the promises that Pact keeps for its customers and the product pages have poppy infusions of our cute-meets-conscious personality. I hope you click-love it as much as we do 🙂

What’s more, Pact Apparel is leaning hard into content lately (like good, responsible marketers), so we’re writing informative, engaging articles that are relevant to our ‘Pact peeps.’ Here’s a glimpse, plus a sampling of my personal favorite article so far…

5 Ways Organic Cotton Can Protect Your Lady Parts

Girls, let’s get real. We all know how important it is to keep your lady business (aka vagina) in good health, and the first line of defense is your undies. These days, you can’t fling a g-string without hitting a brand that promises to be the best, so we took a look at why so many women choose organic cotton brands like Pact Apparel to protect their nethers.


Meet Plant Perfect. Don’t Meat Them.

I seriously might squeal via blog because I can hardly contain my excitement right now. I am so proud to introduce the hot new vegan brand that’s about to blow the roof off the freaking world. Ladies and gentlemen: Plant Perfect™.

I’m going to try to keep this short in the interest of reader attention spans, so I’ll just say that this has project has impacted me heavily. Like, with the weight of our entire planet. #FoodTruth

Professionally, I’d like to FedEx about a billion thank yous to Alicia Potter of Faven Creative for bringing me in as her partner for this project. It’s been one of the highlights of my career to build the Plant Perfect brand together, from positioning and tone of voice development to tagline, manifesto, packaging, website copywriting and more. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love what we made and how many hours I plan to spend standing in front of the butter aisle waiting for our creation to hit local shelves. Thank you, Alicia. Your designs are like perfect little unicorns that, in this case, scream at you to pay attention to them in the coolest way possible.

And from a personal perspective, I just really want everyone I know to try this stuff. Seriously. I was so inspired by the vegan feast that chef MJ prepared for us at our brand workshop that I am now 80% vegan, and have been for nearly a year. And yes, there is such a thing as 80% vegan—even 5% or 13%—because like we say at Plant Perfect, “We’re all a little bit vegan.” It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but it does have to be drool-inducingly delicious. Big hugs and high fives to the Pivotal Foods brand man (and card-carrying vegan) Mark Garrison and the lovely miss MJ for your endless trust, enthusiasm and willingness to let us slingshot Plant Perfect into a galaxy that no plant-based brand has gone before.

Plant Perfect is here, and it’s UN-VEGAN-BELIEVABLE™.

Grow Brands, Grow!

The last couple of weeks have come with a couple of feel-good updates from a couple of my favorite brands and clients. Wow, that’s a lot of couples. Anyway…

First up: Casa Alvarez Foods
What once was an iconic Boulder restaurant for nearly 20 years is now a frozen food company you’ll want to put your mouth all over. (No joke. I’ve been known to turn the bag inside out and lick it clean, but I digress.) I nearly went into a poblano-induced coma while working on the positioning, packaging, website and marketing materials for Casa Alvarez’s two flavors of green chile with Faven Creative, and I was thrilled to learn that this fledgling brand is now in 48 stores, including 11 Whole Foods and one Safeway. Way to go, Casa. I’m verde proud of you.

And now: Veggie-Go’s
With an exciting name update on the horizon (I can’t wait to share this with you once it hits shelves!) and killer packaging design by SRG, this local snack brand is growing faster than a well-fed toddler. I’ve been on the team for years now—writing everything from the website and packaging to sales sheets and branded coloring books—and I got the good news this month that Veggie-Go’s has grown by 35% since our rebrand. I know, right? Jaw = dropped. Turns out, people like healthy snacks, and boy oh boy is this the brand to do them up right. Congrats, to everyone who’s brought their brilliance to this one. It’s a cool time to be alive and hungry.

Pact’s Pact: As Yourself or Not At All.

If you’re looking to put some sustainable swagger in your shopping routine, consider this a shameless plug for what’s becoming one of my very favorite clients: Pact Apparel. This planet-conscious basics brand settles for nothing less than the finest organic cotton, fair trade at a fair price, and the best fitting and -feeling styles you’ll ever have the pleasure of putting your butt in (underwear’s their bestseller).

I’ve been hard at work with the leadership and creative teams over the past few months to capture what really makes Pact great—beyond the obvious ethics slant—in a spanking new brand vision (last ass reference, I swear). We landed in a place of purely unpretentious and naturally nonjudgemental individuality. Pact’s empowering new tagline: As Yourself, or Not At All™. You’re the best part of any outfit anyway. Pact just provides the clothes you need to unleash what’s underneath.

Stay tuned for buttloads (sorry) more fun stuff to come, including a new look, website refresh, articles, ads and more. And for a guaranteed good time online, follow them on Instagram. You know, if you’re into that.

Now get off your keister and buy some briefs or bikinis already. Or leggings. Or a hoodie. Or some socks. Everybody likes socks.


Calling All Nuts.

This blog is late. Like, really, really late. But you know what? I don’t really give a toot because this work from last summer on behalf of the one and only Justin’s is just too good to go un-blogged. And I have Sterling-Rice Group to thank for letting me a part of it.

Not only was I humbled to participate in yet another fine workshop orchestrated by the brand vision composers at SRG, but I was also asked to write the new Justin’s manifesto. Justin himself (along with all the other heavy hitters at the company) were so moved by our work that they literally plastered the walls of their office with it.

Check out these smile-worthy snapshots from Justin’s HQ and then look below to read the manifesto where they were born.














Let’s do good in the world and stay on the up and up. And up.
Let’s use common sense ingredients to make uncommonly just-right foods: organic nuts…fair-trade chocolate…banana chips good enough for even the most discerning monkey.
You know, real stuff that feels great to stuff in your face no matter who or where you are.

Let’s be delicious, naturally. Let’s do better, simply. Let’s keep curiosity cool.
Let’s show ‘smooth’ and ‘crunchy’ there’s a new grind in town.
And let’s show some respect to people and the planet, never forgetting to laugh along the way.

Let’s collect friends like rocks and make ourselves a really sweet rock collection.
And let’s treasure each like it’s our favorite.
Let’s make damn good foods. Or at least give it the old Justin’s try.
Let’s make jokes, make weird faces and work as hard as we play.
And let’s have each other’s backs because real friends stick together.

After all, you can’t make nut butter with just one nut, and honestly, we wouldn’t want to try.

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