Cyber Monday with Extra Sauce

11/27 2023

You’ve seen it in Costco. You’ve seen it stocking the shelves of your favorite grocery store. You’ve seen it in your friend’s fridge and probably all over their face as they shovel forkloads of saucy sustenance into their mouths. It’s Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce—and as of about six months ago—it has a nice, comfy place on my client roster.

I’ve been thrilled to work with Bachan’s to develop a fresh tone of voice and write all kinds of copy this past year. My buddy Jeremy DiPaolo of Nomscape invited me to pitch in on some positioning work, and it’s been a blast continuing on directly with the Bachan’s team.

A full website refresh with new copy is coming soon (stay tuned for a blog on that when it goes live). But in the meantime, I just HAD to share the tasty little tidbits I got to write for the brand’s badass holiday gift lineup. From sauces and sweatshirts to tees and toys, it’s time to hit the Bachan’s shop and make Cyber Monday beg for mercy. Just click to shop via the links below.

All copy written for and now owned by Bachan’s. All photos credited to Bachan’s.

The Bachan’s Gift Box

The perfect gift is like an octopus: you know it when you see it, but it can be really hard to find. This 4-Bottle Bachan’s Gift Box is one such miracle. Inside, you’ll find four flavors of our Japanese Barbecue Sauce (Original, Hot & Spicy, Miso, and Yuzu), a book of Bachan’s top recipes, and a little red Octo pin. It’s the perfect combination of edible stuff, wearable stuff and readable stuff for that special saucy someone in your life.

Gift Wrap Trio

Gift-giving is a big deal in Japan. It’s an artform that has been passed down through generations. It even has its own special name: omiyage. We made this limited-edition Gift Wrap Trio so you get in on the tradition too. Use our three delicious designs to wrap Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce, Bachan’s merch, or to make a less exciting gift look more attractive. Like tube socks, for example.

Squeaky Sauce Dog Toy

Dogs love toys, and we love dogs. Our Squeaky Sauce Dog Toy is a canine-playtime version our Bachan’s Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce. It’s soft, stitched and makes a cute little squeaky noise every time your four-legged friend gets lost in the sauce. We tried to make our actual bottles make the same sound, but we just ended up making a mess. Guess the pups win this round.

Emblem Hoodie

This is our Emblem Hoodie. It’s not pink. Or salmon. Or that desert rose color everyone wore at Coachella a few years back. It’s that hot new shade of blush that makes this heavyweight hoodie the must-give gift of the season for everyone on your list. A small embroidered Octo is the only Bachan’s branding, which gives it a real IYKYK vibe. Even if you don’t know what IYKYK means.

Umami T-Shirt

When we wear our sauce, it’s usually by accident. Like if a drop lands on our pants or a squirt falls on our shirt. This Umami T-Shirt does it on purpose, and makes it look arguably better than a sauce stain. Our bottle is on the back. Octo is on the front. And there you are looking like an umami model and feeling every bit as saucy. Friend, you make Bachan’s look good.

Circle Octo T-Shirt

Let’s have a moment of silence for all the other shirts in your wardrobe. Because once you put this Circle Octo T-Shirt on your back—with our circle octo logo on THE back—there’s no going back. It’s the tee of your dreams: soft and lightweight. Bold and stylish. The perfect look for everything from a first date to a family dinner to a stir-fry party. And yes, that’s a thing. In our house, at least.

Circle Octo Hoodie

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be hugged by an octopus? We think about it a lot. Daily, actually. And it’s an experience we aim to replicate with this Circle Octo Hoodie. It’s super soft and ultra cozy, like we imagine eight tentacled arms would feel embracing you from every angle. Or like four bachans hugging you at once. Point being: it looks and feels really good.

Family Affair T-Shirt

Everyone in our family loves Bachan’s. So, if you love Bachan’s, you’re part of our family too. That’s why we made this Family Affair T-Shirt. It puts the design from the front of our bottles on the back of a soft, lightweight tee. And a happy little Octo on the front. Because Bachan’s Brings Family Together, and this shirt makes it socially acceptable for the whole family to wear matching outfits.