All the Latest Things

05/30 2022

It’s been a hot minute since my last blog, and I have only myself to blame. Well, myself and covid. Sadly, I caught “the thing” a few weeks ago and it took. me. dooooooown. But I’m back in action and excited to share a few mini updates of what’s been going on with some of my favorite clients.

Rowdy Mermaid: New Flavor Name

What was once Lion’s Root will soon become Roaring Pineapple.

The deep-diving team at Rowdy Mermaid came to me with a tasty challenge: our Lion’s Root kombucha (named for its inclusion of lion’s mane mushroom and turmeric root) needed a name that better reflected its bold pineapple flavor. At the same time, we love getting a little wild with our names, so we wanted something ownable and exciting. The result: ROARING PINEAPPLE. Inspired by the brew’s lion-y roots, this new name communicates the sweet, tropical flavor profile without losing its edge.

Watch for the transition (and new can copy by me 💛) soon on store shelves across the US and Rowdy Mermaid’s website.

Plant Perfect: Live and In Person

When I moved from Boulder to Seattle, I knew I was going to have to learn the layout of a whole new grocery store. Sigh. I used to know where all my favorite brands and products were shelved, and now I feel like a chicken with her head cut off as I meander the aisles of my new hometown Safeway. Alas, a bright spot! I saw my client Plant Perfect’s vegan mayo for sale, and had never actually seen the final package in person. Naturally, I bought two.

Look for this UN-VEGAN-BELIEVABLE™ brand (tagline by yours truly) at a store near you and read the in-your-face copy I got to work on with brilliant designer Alicia Potter of Faven Creative.

New Client: Tupperware

Tupperware® is one of those few legendary brands whose name becomes synonymous with an entire industry. Like Scotch tape. And Rollerblades. And Xerox. Translation: when you think of plastic food storage, you use the word “Tupperware” even if the product is made by another company. Well I’m here to ask you to quit it, OKAY?!?

I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that I am now in copywriting cahoots with the one and only authentic Tupperware brand. Watch for updates to come (and please don’t judge me in this photo—I was still in full-on covid mode).

Woodhouse Spas: Mother’s Day Campaign

I know I’m like two weeks late on this one, but I can’t let it go uncelebrated. I was thrilled to be asked to participate in Woodhouse Spas’ Mother’s Day campaign with the team at LRXD (now Common Good). From store signage and radio spots, to website headlines (see below) and social media, we went all out for all the badass mothers out there.

Image credit: Woodhouse Spas

Onward and summerward…

And with that, I bid you adieu until next time. Thank you to all my clients for being so understanding as I recovered from covid and sent you full on fever-dream copy. And I hope everyone has a great start to the good-weather months. xo