Drinkers Are Better Aged.

01/21 2014

It’s not every day that you have a client call you and say, “We pretty much have a clean slate here. Just come up with something cool.” It’s every creative’s dream, and it happened for realsies courtesy of the Adams County Prevention Partnership (ACPPCO).

I’d worked with these guys in the past when I did the copywriting for a say-no-to-booze-and-drugs campaign called I’m Going Places (design by Erika Gritters at I/O Designs). But this time, the focus shifted from teens to adults, and I was asked to come up with a campaign that encouraged the 21+ population not to give alcohol to anyone underage. The result: Buyers Keepers.

The ACPPCO brought Buyers Keepers to life all across Adams County, Colorado by partnering with up-and-up liquor stores. Retailers pledged not to sell to underage kids, we gave them stickers, swag and plastic bags touting messages like: “Drinkers are better aged,” “If you’re old enough to buy it, you’re old enough to keep it to yourself,” “Sharing isn’t always caring” and “Cheers to adulthood.” We also created a dedicated website section.

Pretty proud of this one. Hope you like it. (The runner-up concept was “Hold Your Liquor,” which I think is equally rad, but it didn’t resonate as well with our audience.)

buyers-keepers buyers-keepers