“This Is My Family.”

10/21 2015

Multi-racial families. Families with same-sex parents. Adoptive families. Single-parent families. Families with step kids and step parents. Families with transgender members. Grandparent-led families. I can keep going…

A family’s a family, no matter what. And my new client, start-up DiverseFamilies, makes build-your-own custom doll families to represent them all. I had a blast pitching in on the company’s first big photoshoot recently, and loved meeting DiverseFamilies Founder Dr. Sharon Katz who made the trek all the way from Boise.


Keep your eyes peeled for details on the soon-to-launch DiverseFamilies website where you can buy readymade and custom dolls (we named the doll brand “The Brightlings”) to represent your own unique family, plus books and other gift-worthy items. There will even be an option to create what we’ve named “Me to a T” dolls, which are handcrafted to look exactly like you based on a photo and your written instructions. GIMME!