Quarantine 2020: Another Update

07/03 2020

Welp. The surge continues, eh America? We’re now a full 4 months into this pandemic, and our world (and my work) seem to be in a perpetual state of change. Some of the changes are good, some not so good. But come what may, I remain steadfast in my commitment to stay positive and use this opportunity to empower brands with creativity.

Here are the happs at EBB Copywriting + Creative…


I’m so proud of my friends and clients at Boulder Clean for launching one of the first plant-based cleaners approved for use against the coronavirus. I can’t take ANY credit for this one (I had nothing to do with this particular project), but I’m honored to call Steve, Cara, Hayley and the rest of the 1908 Brands team my partners. Look for these powerhouse plant-based cleaners at Whole Foods, Kroger and other markets nationwide.


Urban Canvas is one of my all-time favorite agencies to collab with. (Yeah, I abbreve’d “collab.” What of it?!) Anyway, you can imagine my excitement when they brought me in to help on some messaging for Silk Soy’s Fuel Like a Champion campaign featuring Olympic athletes Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman. You can check out our Team Protein concept online and find the brand’s high-performance, athlete-driven messaging in milk cases NOW. I spotted some (and bought a carton of the vanilla flavor…my fave) at my local Safeway this weekend.


I can’t reveal much about this project yet, but I am honored that Sigma brought me for a bunch of exciting work on Yoplait Disfruta. This brand of creamy, dreamy yogurt smoothies features big chunks of real fruit in flavors like passionfruit, mango, peach, strawberry and blueberry. The catch? It’s currently only available in Mexico. Lucky me, they sent me a whole case so I could enjoy (that’s what disfruta means en español) all that fruit-blasted deliciousness while I work. Stay tuned for updates.


Did you know that the leading ketchup brand has more sugar per ounce than ICE CREAM? It’s true. And the brand that’s bringing ketchup back to it’s roots is — you guessed it! True Made Foods.

This veteran-owned, veggie-powered condiment company is on the rise with it’s veggie ketchup, veracha (veggie-boosted sriracha) and low-or-no-sugar Pitmaster BBQ sauces developed by the legendary Ed Mitchell. They recently went through a bold rebranding effort by Brandarella, and now they’ve graciously invited me to help out on the copy. I’ll keep you posted as we move forward and give this brand the copy tone makeover it deserves. Find a bottle for your summer BBQ at Whole Foods, Kroger, Walmart, Sprouts, Wegman’s, Giant and many other fine retailers.


And in the midst of all this work, a girl’s gotta nurture her mental health, amiright? Check out my pretty little garden, my dopey little kitty and my wild-haired husband. Home improvements and lots of quality family time have been silver linings to this whole safer-at-home situation, and I hope you have some good things going — and growing — too. Awww, what a nice way to end a good old-fashioned quarantine update 🙂

Stay healthy, fam.