It’s Getting Funky In Here.

07/16 2013

Ever heard of Choreogroove? Of course you haven’t, because it’s a new, emerging company founded by my client and friend Tanya Curry-McMichael, and it is exactly what the name suggests.

Choreogroove is about movement, dance and doing yourself good. It’s about exploring something new—maybe something you never thought you would or could—and being surprised by what’s possible. You’re the one who takes charge and you’re the one who makes the dance your own. So while the talented Tanya may teach you the steps, with Choreogroove, it’s your move.

Company name, tagline and messaging created by EBB Copywriting (that’s moi). Logo design and materials by Alicia Potter at Faven Creative. More to come soon, so keep your eyes peeled and toes tapping.