Work in the Wild

05/20 2021

I don’t care what other creatives say. I never get tired of seeing my work out in the real world. Never.

I recently spotted some of my handiwork out in the wild, and it made me feel prouder than a mom at her kid’s first piano recital. I was invited to participate in all three of these projects by Boulder’s own Sterling-Rice Group, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities.

The power of food

The SRG team worked with Simple Mills to help crystalize the brand’s positioning and, ultimately, author a new tagline. I’m honored that a line I wrote, “Feel what good food can do,” now appears across Simple Mills’ updated packaging and communications. Because here’s the rub: what you eat matters, and you can truly feel the difference when you feed your body whole-food ingredients.

I have to admit, I was pretty starstruck meeting Katlin, the brand’s founder, while working this project. Talk about a powerhouse businesswoman. Learn more about Katlin and her journey here. And see Elvis eyeing my Farmhouse Cheddar crackers here:

Take it to 11.

I legit could barely breathe when SRG informed me that a line I had written in 7-11’s brand manifesto became the inspiration behind their MASSIVE new marketing campaign. “Take it to 11” encapsulates the youthful spirit of the new 7-11, and the 30-second spot (directed by Spring Breakers’ Harmony Korine) is so cool, I think I may have just turned into a Slurpee while writing this.

Check out this Wall Street Journal article about the campaign and this page on for more vids. Mad props to agency 360i for the work. Dare I say, it’s…awesome? (Sorry, inside joke to the positioning team.)

Lighting your way.

After working closely with the SRG team on the positioning work, I was honored to complete a naming project for the new behavioral health arm of Eating Recovery Center. Now called Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center, this organization exists to bring light to the darkness and help clients recover from disorders beyond their control.

Because struggles don’t go away, but you can learn to take yourself out of its shadow. You can discover the life you want. You can stay the course living it. And Pathlight can help light the way.

Congrats to the Pathlight and SRG teams on this beautiful, meaningful work. You’re making the world better, and that’s something to celebrate.