Snack on the Wild Side.

06/14 2018

What started as Veggie-Go’s™ snacks has now grown into a bold new brand bursting with fresh flavor (and ideas). Ladies and gentlemen: Wildmade™.

Since veggies are no longer a part of every recipe, this awesomely organic, Boulder-based snack brand has fittingly evolved its name and branding to match. Veggie-Go’s strips and bites will still be available under the same name with a Wildmade tag, and the brand’s first fruit-only product (the first handcrafted fruit rolls made with nothing but real fruit) has officially hit shelves with three ridiculously delish flavors, the updated name/logo, and a tasty package I have to remind myself not to eat. Only what’s inside, Erin. Only what’s inside.

I was thrilled to take on the naming and copy for this project alongside the team at Sterling-Rice Group, as well as the va-va-vibrant website update with my buddies from Urban Canvas. So if you want to do your mouth a favor, head to your local grocer and snack into the unexpected. You’re one of the wild ones now.