Organic Botanics

02/05 2021

Introducing Red Saint, a ready-to-drink botanic spirit brewed with some of the earth’s most treasured ingredients.

This disruptive drink (crafted by certified sommelier Gianni Ottone) and beautiful brand (designed by the one and only Chad Morgan) invites you to imbibe and delight in the botanical riches of Southern Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom. These sacred acres are home to the roots of Red Saint: light and earthy rooibos, or red bush, and delicately sweet honeybush. Together with a splash of crisp distilled spirits, these heavenly ingredients ignite flavors and aromas almost too perfect for this world. 

Red Saint is now available on shelves in the Los Angelos area, and it won’t be long before these saintly cans start spreading to shelves across the nation. Word to the wise: try all three sophisticated and sippable flavors, including Elderflower, Blood Orange and Peach Ginger.

The Name

You know I can’t resist a naming project, and this one was the bomb-drinkity. Working with Gianni and Chad is pretty much a fantasy, so it’s not surprising that we ended up with such a dreamy name. The meaning behind Red Saint comes from this bev’s cornerstone ingredient: rooibos aka red bush. This name describes rooibos (and our resulting elixir) as something to be worshipped — something holy in its flavor and powers. Red Saint is descriptive, divine and has an elegance that feels both fiery and subdued.

The Tone

I also got to help define Red Saint’s tone of voice, which is elevated and evocative. You know…like this: “Sacred and benevolent botanicals reign over the Cape Floral Kingdom of Southern Africa. Here, light and earthy rooibos, or red bush, and rich honeybush grow wild among the most elusive yet diverse plant life on the planet. Royal and rare. Ephemeral and aromatic. And now, gracefully blended and blissfully imbibed.”

The Net-Net

Drink this. It’s awesome.