Mary Macleod’s Website Launch

04/08 2021

EBB Copywriting and Creative has been going all kinds of international this past year, including a project for the legendary Mary Macleod’s Shortbread in the Great White North. First, I got to craft the new packaging copy with masterful designer Jamie Panzarella of Brandarella. Then I got to help this sweet and beloved brand find its most aspirational self with an internal positioning exercise. And now, I got to write a whole new website that pretty much takes the cake (errrr….the cookie) for resplendent digital makeovers.

Celebrating 40 Years

We completely reorganized the former website into a virtual shortbread shop inspired by the original brick and mortar location that Mary founded under the Toronto’s Capitol Theater in 1981. Talk about a perfect way to commemorate and celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary, eh?

Since the rebrand, Mary Macleod’s beautiful blue boxes now grace the shelves of several grocery chains, will soon be in Macy’s stores across the U.S. (they’re already available on the retail giant’s website) and continue to spread the butter love wherever they dare to go.

There’s only one Mary Macleod’s.

I got to define this delightful brand’s brave and unexpected tone of voice and dream up all kinds of fun content ideas like this “anatomy of a cookie” image for the All-Butter and Beyond page. You can tell an authentic Mary Macleod’s shortbread from a mile away thanks to its signature shape and scoop mark. Plus, the INSANE all-butter flavor simply cannot be replicated. By anyone. Ever.

When in Canada…

You can’t mention Canada without thinking about one thing: MAPLE SYRUP. Maple Crunch Shortbread is the latest recipe innovation to come out of Mary Macleod’s, and it happens to be my personal favorite. Well, it’s actually a tie between Mary’s signature Chocolate Crunch and these must-have maple cookies, which were created by Mary’s daughter-in-law Sharon. After Mary’s passing in 2016, Sharon took charge of the brand and bakery and has been carrying on the family tradition ever since.

It was so much fun writing custom copy for every flavor, which you can read about and buy online right here.

I heart you.

Thank you to Jamie for inviting me to join this incredible team. Thank you Sharon and Alkis for continuing to trust me with your brand and for inviting me to join the Mary Macleod’s “Culture Club,” a group working to infuse our new brand positioning into the daily culture of the organization. Oh, and thank you guys for always sending me cookies. You sure know how to make a writer sweet on you. xo