We Are Market.

08/11 2018

First, they went BOOM. Now, we are Market.

It is with great pride and passion that I announce the launch of a new brand and brokerage from my friends Todd, Heidi and Laura, formerly of BOOM Properties fame.

It all started with a name. This relentlessly hardworking team sought a name that would speak to their behind-the-scenes expertise in the Boulder-area marketplace. They are the workhorses. The sherpas. The powerhouse that keeps commercial real estate moving forward. We decided to let other brokers plaster their pretty faces on signs and benches, for we would represent more than a face. We would be the market itself. The name: Market Real Estate.

From there, I brought in the talented Rachael Harp to give Market a vivid, textural brand identity and style. Shortly to follow: the website, marketing collateral, property brochures, business cards and about a million and two other things that all had to challenge the conventions of commercial real estate.

We kept things simple on the web, making a point to make our points without too much fluff. Readers can uncover who we are and what we do with little searching required. The brand voice is pointed, direct and unashamed in its boldness, and same goes for brochures and property descriptions. Each one is a unique story that sells the space in a different way than other brokerages. It’s less about functional details (covered elsewhere) and more about a feeling—crafting something that’s actually fun to read. Wait…fun in commercial real estate? Yes. Hell freaking yes.

Check out the website to get a taste of the new brand (I even got to come up with a kickass URL: wearemarket.com). And if you live in Boulder, look for our new signage in front of available properties. Where there be yellow and teal, there be Market.