So Happy Together in Atlanta

11/16 2017

Live Love Atlanta is a boutique real estate firm led by the fearless Connie Carlson. After years building one of Cobb County, Georgia’s most trusted local businesses, Connie knew it was time to solidify her marketing game with a clear and potent brand positioning. Cut to the chase: she brought me in to do the job.

I reviewed the Atlanta competitors (in depth). I talked at length with the team about what makes Live Love Atlanta so damn lovable (and livable). And I facilitated a half-day workshop (over Skype!) to determine who this brand really was. We landed in a place of belonging and togetherness—a concept seldom touched in the often selfish and isolating world of real estate agents. And according to Connie, the fresh perspective is making friends left and right.

Keep reading for some of the new brand language, and keep an eye out for LLA’s iconic blue sold signs around town. These people know “finding home” in Georgia. Like, for real.


Live Love Atlanta is a boutique real estate firm proudly serving the communities we call home. But instead of telling you how we work, how about we tell you how we thrive? It’ll be more fun that way, and fun is something we always welcome. Like new friends. And sold signs. And happy hours and/or happy dances.

This is the place where authentic connections are made beyond just people and houses. We’re talking about people and lifestyles—finding the home that links you to the life you love, and linking our agents in to their most successful selves. Because life is made for sharing, and that’s a passion and philosophy that we live by every day as we prove the power of “we” over “me.”

Around here, we believe that the closer we are, the further we can go. That’s why we stay close to each other, our values, our communities and our roots. We’re a local business with an uncommonly connected group of agents. We welcome possibilities with a fresh perspective and a creative edge. We give back to serve the greater good and go above and beyond to prove the power of partnership. Hidden agendas are never on ours, and personal attention is the only kind we know. Problems? Solved. Promises? Kept. Lives? Thriving, just the way we like them.

Because as we said, life is made for sharing, like potlucks or a cup of sugar from your neighbor. And at Live Love Atlanta, we want to share ours with you.