The Arcadea Evolution

08/10 2017

Arcadea Architecture is a Boulder stronghold of creativity and sustainable design. Since 1995, this thoughtful and thought-provoking firm has told spatial tales through the use of clean lines, natural light and seamless transition. Arcadea’s brand, on the other hand, was at a crossroads. The logo and website were downright dusty compared to the team’s crisp, modern design aesthetic, and an empowering refresh was well in order. I was the strategist and writer lucky enough to get the call.

The word Arcadea is a contraction between architecture + idea, and we quickly learned that this concept was getting lost on the firm’s current and prospective clients. In the span of about a month, we (meaning me, the firm’s founder David Biek, business director Christine Cowles and designer Amy Hayes) climbed a mountain of positioning and visual work. Our efforts summited in an in-depth brand workshop where we reached the crux of Arcadea’s authentic spirit. The result: a powerful and poetically differentiated positioning that crystalizes the brand purpose and boasts some major curb appeal. Check out the sleek logo update below, as well as the new manifesto. This beautifully renovated brand now lives with a more cohesive approach to its vision, execution and perspective, and it just keeps getting better.

From the ideas that shape it to the materials that compose it, a building is more than a box.

It’s a story.

An inspiring tale of form and function.
A poetic saga of views and tranquility.
A living legend of unified concepts.

Decades of experience have taught us that the finest architecture lies not only in balanced design, but also in understanding its site, surroundings, context and citizens. That’s why we put our fingers on the pulse of every place. We listen. We adapt. We intuitively translate undefined visions and diverse ideas into physical spaces with life. And we do it all with you at the center of the story.

Your peace of mind is our passion, and our process is an open book because we believe that doing things right is the only way to get them done. It’s why true stories are our favorite kind, and why we always tell them with equal parts honesty and imagination.

This is Arcadea, where architectural stories unfold.