Yes, I did a brand positioning exercise for myself.

Hi. I’m Erin Beth Bosik, the E.B.B. of EBB.

I’m a writer, runner and wily word enthusiast who digs digging in and getting my hands dirty with a good, solid idea. I’m sharp (smart sharp, not knife sharp), funny (funny ha-ha, not funny strange), crazy (good crazy, not crazy crazy), and a damn fine creative. And I’d love the chance to prove I have what it takes to concoct winning ideas on your brand’s behalf.

I started this business in 2011 to clean up what I saw as “creative waste” — wasted time, wasted money and wasted breath. I believe that quality and reliability beat pomp and circumstance every time, so I do my darndest to deliver top-dollar service at a price that feels like you’re getting away with something.

Sound like what you’re looking for?

Let’s Get to Work

Sometimes clients say nice things about me. I read them when I’m sad.

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Little bit of background: I’m a Colorado girl through and through, born and raised at altitude in majestic Evergreen, Colorado.

My parents raised me with three goals in mind: (1) to live in the mountains, (2) to learn and experience all kinds of music, and (3) to be surrounded by animals. So, it goes without saying that I was literally born into a creative (some might say “hippie dippie”) lifestyle.


I've had the distinct honor to work at agencies big and small (from Leo Burnett and Sterling-Rice Group to Public New York). 

Now I’m on my own and wearing out my keyboard on the daily. I love writing. Always have. In fact, it’s been rumored that I’ve had a passion for writing since I could first hold a pencil, and I believe it’s true. Just ask my second grade teacher Mrs. Forsey. She’s always right.


I have solid experience writing for all kinds of brands: food and bev, CPG, apparel, non-profits, public health...you name it.

The best part of my job is learning about topics I never thought I’d know about. Like laundry detergent. And regenerative farming. And car-sharing. And meatless meats. And Salvador Dalí. And fiber optics. And honey. And horse rescues. And commercial real estate. And motherhood. And skincare. And drywall. And don’t test me, I can go on forever.

Bonus Round

Language is my jam. I have excellent conceptual and communication skills and understand expectations flawlessly.

Efficiency. I do things fast, and I do ‘em right.

Responsiveness. Think creatives don’t get back to you fast enough? This one does.

Nice (enough) person. Or so I’ve been told.

Haggling makes me nervous. It’s why I keep my quotes simple. You tell me what you need, and I tell you how much it will cost. No middlemen/middlewomen/middlepeople, 30-page proposals or massive agency markups. I’d rather just get to work.