Outerwear Ripped From Outer Space

10/12 2020

I am literally over the moon to share that I’ve had the honor of working with the one and only OROS since this summer. Today, their new website is live. Their limited edition NASA 39A Flight Jacket sold out in a matter of hours. And I got to write the copy for all of it. #CosmicCopy #OrbitingHeaven

Who is OROS?

OROS refuses to believe that fluffy feathers, fur and fire are still this world’s best options for staying warm. It’s why they looked to the stars to create the first true outerwear innovation in eons. They call it SOLARCORE®.

Powered by the same tech used by NASA to insulate spacecraft, SOLARCORE delivers maximum warmth in flexible, zero-bulk gear that puts puffers to shame. In techie-speak, it’s the first composite of aerogel (the lightest, most insulating material ever invented) and closed-cell foam (like on your stretchy sneakers), making it the lightest, thinnest and warmest wearable material on earth. OROS founders’ dream is to create a t-shirt that can keep you warm in sub-freezing temperatures, and if I had to guess, it’s (earth)bound to happen pretty damn soon.

Cool copy, right?

The OROS team is one of the finest group of humans I’ve ever worked with in my time on this planet. They invited me aboard their spaceship to help solidify their brand tone and write copy for a new website. After some atmospheric exploration, we landed on a voice that’s intelligent and innovative, scrappy and science-y, and sprinkled with hits of dry wit. I’m otherworldly-obsessed what we created together, and hope you are too. Check out the warm and cozy new website, and read about all of OROS’ earth-shattering products now! Like, right now. Seriously, get outta here.

A few more copy samples.

The Echo Jacket: Covert warmth science’d with style
Let’s have a moment of silence for all the jackets this bomber is about the replace. The Echo Jacket delivers stylish versatility plus space-tested warmth without any of the puff or fluff.

The Quantum Vest: Future-proof performance
Don’t tell it to “chill.” It really hates that. The Quantum Vest transforms a superficial accessory into a superwarm necessity using the same insulation technology as NASA spacecraft.

The Astra Pullover: Otherworldly warmth made modern
For those with strong feelings about staying warm AND looking good, there’s the future-forward Astra Pullover. Inside: science. Outside: style. It’s the warmest way to stay cool under the collar.

Like the mountaineers summiting earth’s highest peaks and the astronauts exploring the cosmos, we live to push ever forward, outward and upward. OROS is ancient Greek for “mountain” because our heroes are the people who crave the spirit of the summit.

OROS was born from humanity’s innate desire to venture farther. It’s why we look beyond the traditional boundaries of outerwear to create wearable warmth that’s not of this world.

OROS founders Michael and Rithvik met as a pair of science geeks in college. They set out on an alpine climbing trip armed with the finest insulation the industry had to offer. But even wrapped in layers of puff, they still couldn’t shake the cold. As an Astronaut Scholar, Michael gazed toward space to spark the next big thing in outerwear on earth.