Meet The Sages of Sponsorship.

08/17 2016

When the UX prodigies at Crow & Raven asked me if I wanted to help position a brand of “sponsorship effectiveness analysts,” I found myself scratching my head. When I finished doing that, I asked what the hell they were talking about, and they introduced me to Team SRi.

Team SRi is made up of some really good people. Smart people. Connecticut people. But I wasn’t about to let long distance stop me. I led the company’s stakeholders in a collaborative positioning workshop on the interwebs to unearth the crux of their story. From there, I wrote the brand’s new manifesto (keep reading) and helped sprinkle some creativity throughout the new website with bold headlines that brought this niche, research-based brand to life.

SRiThe new website is now live, and I have Crow & Raven to thank for having me onboard. Much appreciation, peeps. And now, the Team SRi manifesto…


Where sometimes the road well-traveled is the right one to take. But when it’s not, we suit up, show up, and guide you where you need to go no matter how uncharted the path. We listen with care and lead with confidence. Let us empower you.

Where your success is our craft. We research practically, but curiously. We innovate imaginatively, but objectively. We lead boldly, but sensibly. We transform sponsorships by understanding behavior and deep-rooted emotion. Let us reveal the truth.

Where minds come with mettle. Our insight-linking, rational-thinking, truth-seeking brains are just the beginning. We believe that true intelligence comes fully loaded with innovation, insights, investigation and intuition. Let us make you smarter.

Where work gets personal. The people who sell you our work are the ones who actually do it. We work with you, step-by-step, and illuminate new routes together. Having your back is just part of the job. Let us gain your trust.

In short: our world is where you find your way.
We are your guides. We are your secret weapon. We are Team SRi.