Cool As Quinoa.

03/29 2017

About two years ago, my client Quinoa Corporation was approached to create a private label brand of whole-grain quinoa. Seems right up their alley with a name like “Quinoa Corporation”, amiright? Well it was, and I got to name the brand and write the packaging copy. Just recently, the box below popped up in my suggestions, and it seemed like a sign that I should probably blog about it. You know…’cause I can’t help myself when I get the chance to plug any one of my awesome clients.

We landed on the name Andean Fields to highlight this wildly delicious ancient grain’s Peruvian source. Then we took consumers to school with a healthy serving of grain education on the front of pack complemented by romance copy out back. Frances Parker, one of my go-to art partners, worked her magic on the design (of course, the llama is my favorite part). And if you’re so inclined, click “Read More” below to see the full copy. Even my eyes aren’t good enough to read the teeny-tiny print in the photos above…

Quinoa is what’s called an ancient grain. It has been cultivated for thousands of years as a source of wholesome nourishment for many civilizations. Interestingly enough, quinoa is actually a member of the chenopod plant family and is closely related to chard, spinach and beets. It’s a complete plant-based protein with all nine amino acids that your body needs to thrive, plus fiber, iron and heart-smart omega 3 fatty acids. From its remarkable nutrition to its rich and storied history, it’s easy to see why quinoa has naturally gluten-free satisfaction written all over it.

Flavor Awaits
Ancient grains grow freely in the majestic South American highlands, home to our naturally gluten-free Whole Grain Peruvian Quinoa. Harvested from the flowing fields of Peru, this wholly nutritious and wildly versatile grain has a light, nutty texture, deliciously mild flavor and 6g of plant-based protein per serving. So what are you waiting for? Get in on the good.

Grains of Inspiration
Whether you keep it simple, go global or invent a dish of your own, you can always count on quinoa to bring it all together.

  • Use in place of rice or couscous
  • Make a salad heartier and healthier
  • Sauce or season into a satisfying side
  • Mix into oatmeal or cereal
  • Plus up your favorite soup
  • Top with fresh veggies and herbs
  • Cook into a creamy casserole
  • Even add a bit to your baking batter