RAD Rod In Action.

01/20 2015

So psyched to get my very own RAD Rod in the mail from my bodacious bodywork client RAD Roller LLC. Thanks for giving this distance runner exactly what she needs to keep logging those miles in comfort. You guys rock (and roll) my world.


And now for some straight business talk: from the company who brought you the spine-pampering RAD Roller comes an soon-to-drop suite of revolutionary massage and release tools, including the RAD Rod (these guys’ steel-hard answer to “The Stick“; see image above), the RAD Rounds (a double shot of targeted pressure for those tiny, tough-to-reach areas), the RAD Helix (a back-muscle-flushing tool inspired by human DNA) and the RAD Block (the ultimate way to elevate your RAD game).

The new tools will be available online soon via a full website redesign, so stay tuned.