So Long, Old School.

09/25 2017

It’s been ‘Transformation Central’ over at Boulder Country Day School since we reinvented the brand with a more modern look and feel a couple of years back. BCD is a place where timeless traditions meet real-time progress and where everlasting growth, community and possibilities thrive. It’s where students live to learn and rise to shine each day—ready to approach new opportunities with a fundamental sense of balance.

BCD understands the importance of planning and holding itself accountable for the promises that it makes. That’s why we decided that the updated strategic plan would become the BCD Strategic Action Plan. By staying true to our roots and also actively leading forward, BCD can stand the test of time—becoming a forever school destined to inspire and educate generations to come. Here’s a look at the old (left) and updated (right) designs:

And just for funsies, check out this charming international invitation I got to write for this year’s BCD Gala. The theme: Around the World in 80 Days. The design: so perfect it’s painful. Great work, Rachael Harp. (Click to enlarge images)