Unstoppable Is Possible.

06/10 2021

You know this whole pandemic thing that has completely upended the way everyone does…everything? Well, Hollywood studios were no exception. First, everything went dark and we all dove headlong into reruns and the only two new shows that seemed to drop in months (Tiger King and The Queen’s Gambit, of course). But as events and entertainment came back to life, a new company emerged  — growing from the ground up — to keep casts and crews safe and on-schedule with reliable Covid-19 testing. Ladies and gentleman, meet Bloom Health Partners.

Can’t stop. Won’t Stop.

Bloom isn’t one of those “Covid cowboys” just out there to make a buck and then bail. Born from the chaos of Covid and the cracks that it revealed in our system, Bloom is working to reinvent how the healthcare industry operates. They specialize in custom on-set labs and proven workforce safety strategies for TV and film production studios, large-scale events and Fortune 500 companies, including airlines, theme parks and corporate events at Super Bowl LV. Every detail is tailored to each client’s precise needs. Every plan is overseen by a team of expert scientists, researchers and lab technicians. And everything Bloom does is designed to save time, save money and make operations unstoppable.

The Gig

My old friend and colleague Abbas is one of the co-founders, and he brought me in to help Bloom find its roots, tell its story and communicate an altogether new offering to the world. From brand positioning work and tagline development (Unstoppable Is Possible.™) to a new brand identity, press releases, sales materials and full website refresh (designed and dev’d by my bud Chad Morgan), I worked on everything but the kitchen sink for these folks. And I liked it too.

A Healthcare Movement

Bloom designs and implements innovative healthcare solutions that take delays, disruption and downtime off business leaders’ schedules. Against all odds, they effectively take stress out of one of the most stressful situations in modern history, and they’re on pace to keep growing. Tomorrow’s healthcare looks more comfortable and convenient with these guys in the game, and I guess we have Covid to thank for planting the seed.

Many thanks to Abbas, Lydia, Cole, Anna, Cynthia and the entire Bloom team for having me as part of the team. And mad props to Chad for his beautiful design work. Together, we made something cool.