Feelin’ Saucy: Hella Hot & Honey Sweet

06/04 2024

Delicious innovation is available by the bottle at Bachan’s. Personally, I’m an OG Bachan’s fan, but I might have to make these new flavors my side pieces. They’re the sweetest and spiciest recipes to hit the shelves so far, and I went full fan-girl when I saw them at my local Target.

Look for Bachan’s Hella Hot and Honey Sweet Japanese Barbecue Sauces on sale now and use generously. I can’t even describe how much fun I had working on the packaging and web copy for them, so I’m not even going to try. I’ll just let you read it for yourself…


You can call it “Honey,” but it probably won’t respond. You see, just because our Sweet Honey Japanese Barbecue Sauce is made with organic, non-GMO honey doesn’t mean it’s all cute and innocent. No. It’s got edge. We don’t fully understand how the sweet golden honey only seems to amplify the umami rather than soften it, but it does. It’s richer. Warmer. And yes, sweeter. But don’t you dare call it sweet. It really hates that.


Some like it hot, and some like it hella hot. For those who identify with the latter, we made this Hella Hot Japanese Barbecue Sauce. A red-hot blend of red jalapeño and red habanero delivers a double hit of mouthwatering warmth that intensifies as you eat it. Pair that with bold punches of soy, ginger and green onion, and your mouth won’t be the only thing watering. Check your brow and body too. Sweat has been reported.

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Big thanks to Janet, Tim and the team at Bachan’s for letting me be all silly and stuff with you’re brand. Octo 4ever!