BOOM Properties Website Launch.

11/20 2016

It’s not every day—or even every year—that you get a client who wants you to really let your creativity rip. To my delight, that was the case when Oblique Design brought me in to define the tone of voice and write the new website copy for BOOM Properties, a commercial real estate and property management company here in Boulder, CO.

“Wait…what?” I asked with a cute little sparkle in my eye as BOOM’s three fearless leaders told me to fly my freak flag all over their copy. And fly, it did. These guys wanted to disrupt the category with engaging content that felt like “them,” but didn’t isolate some of their more conservative audiences. The result? The new BOOM website. Striking, graphic design + copy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Lame ol’ dusty property managers and brokers won’t be able to hold a candle to this shiz.


Image credit: Oblique’s Social Addictions Blog