Step Into IF/THEN.

12/21 2023

This one’s iconic, people. A new brand with a edgy name, a fresh look, a raw tone of voice and shop-happy website is stepping out to bring comfort and style everywhere from the boardwalk to the boardroom. Introducing IF/THEN, the next generation of footwear.

The Name

If we set an example for shoe makers, then we can change the future of footwear. As a shoe and apparel brand that painstakingly considers each choice and consequence, this name draws from logical reasoning: if A, then B. The unusual name poses the brand as an intention disruptor here to create the most versatile, stylish and comfortable shoes on earth.

The Brand

I can’t thank the  Interact Brands enough for letting me pour my heart and soles into this quick-stepping project with them. As usual, their strategy was beyond inspiring to work with, and the studio brought IF/THEN to the world in ways my little peabrain can’t even begin to fathom. So cool. So confident. So deliciously unexpected.

The Tone

Just as IF/THEN shoes fluidly adapt to different days and lifestyles, we wanted their copy should reflect that same flexibility and down-to-earth vibe. The brand’s impactful messaging matches the daring nature of the design. It’s basically like channeling the unfiltered Anthony Bourdain inside all of us and wearing him on our feet. We named the tone “Departure” as an homage to the the founders’ mission to leave convention behind and walk the path less travelled in their business and product designs. It’s mature, sharp, direct and unusual.

(following image and screenshot credits: Interact Case Study)

The Website

The copy I created as we built the IF/THEN brand became the foundation of their siiiiiiiiiiick new website, which is live and ready to shop with some of the best looking kicks you’ll ever treat your feet to. If you’re interested in an exclusive discount, get in touch and let’s get you a code. Happy browsing!

(following image and screenshot credits: IF/THEN)