A Souped-Up Makeover.

10/14 2014

Sweet mother of nature! This soup is so good it’ll make you want to (SHOUT!) kick your heels up and (SHOUT!) throw your hands up (SHOUT!) throw your head back and (SHOUT!).

Come on now.

When Boulder Organic! (formerly Boulder Soup Works) hired us to reinvigorate their brand and packaging set, it was like a dream come true. Talk about a fun client. First, I pitched in on a total strategic makeover under the leadership of Kazia Jankowski along with Cathryn Olchowy  and Alicia Potter. Then Alicia and I went to work crafting the new exuberant look and tone of voice punctuated by playful “exclamations” to bring out all the shout-worthiness I was singing about earlier.

These soups are no-playin’ amazing. They’re organic, gluten-free, made with clean, high-quality ingredients and taste REALLY good. Especially the Green Chile Corn Chowder, IMHO. Check out the new look on shelves now at Whole Foods, King Soopers, Costco, Alfalfas, City Market, Natural Grocers and more.


Photo by Boulder Organic Foods

Sample copy:

For the Love of Leeks!   Only the finest fresh-from-the-farm ingredients will do in our perfectly pureed Potato Leek soup. Bite by bite, you’ll simply swoon for this thick and satisfying blend of hearty golden potatoes, flavorful leeks and chopped chives that’s best savored with a smile. And slurps. And a really big spoon.

Oh My Squash!   Happy harvest! Now grab a bowl because we’re serving up this season’s blue-ribbon best in our Butternut Squash Soup with Sage. We use heaps of autumn-ripe squash, delicate dashes of sage and cinnamon, plus a splash of cream for a recipe that positively screams with fall flavor. Just remember: no yelling in the house.

What a Dahl!   Ingredients from local farms meet flavors from far-off places in our sweet and savory Red Lentil Dahl soup. Every bite is like a festival of exotic inspiration. We’re talking fresh veggies, loads of luscious lentils, a splash of creamy coconut milk and organic curry so good it makes other spices jealous.