Say Hello To Sir Bananas.

02/26 2016

Okay, I’ve had to keep this project under wraps for WAY too long, but it’s finally on shelves and ready to guzzle. Introducing Sir Bananas bananamilk, a smooth and creamy combo of cold milk and real bananas that creates a fruitfully nutritious experience for the (and all) ages. It’s a milk that drinks like a snack, and it’s so tasty, it’s bananas.

A million thanks to the incomparable Anthem Branding for having me onboard for the naming portion of the project (yep, “Sir Bananas” came from my little monkey brain) and to the indomitable WhiteWave Foods for including me on some of the positioning and brand work. I tip my hat to all you sirs and madams, and hope everyone out there grabs a glass and gives Sir Bananas a try.


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