It’s Okay to Stare.

07/11 2018

True style is born from self-expression, and if one brand can prove how much creativity, cool and head-turning confidence can come alive from “frame fashion,” it’s On Your Face Glasses. Founded by corporate expat and longtime eyeglass expert Jen Stier, On Your Face Glasses is where individual style and playful sophistication collide to make you (and you and you and you) feel your best behind a sweet new pair of specs.

This startup’s freshly minted website is officially up and running, and it features one-on-one customization and online convenience to help anyone and everyone find their next great frame. Like the site says (and I wrote), Jen’s not just here to help you find glasses that fit your face in every chic detail. She’s here to bring your style up to your level—of passion, personality, success, attitude and everything else you’ve got going for you.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed helping bring this brand to life. Thanks to designer extraordinaire Lacey Ankenman for looping me in, I had the opportunity to shape On Your Face Glasses’ creative strategy and tone of voice, as well as write all the website copy. We landed on a personality that’s confident and playful: the outfitters of true individuals. This is a brand that goes beyond simple shape, size and color to unleash what’s within and let your inner awesome shine out.

The site highlights Jen’s signature stylist video chats and curated collection of frames with sass, class and everything in between. So if you’re sick of the same old glasses, head on over to OYFG and treat your peepers to the future of eyewear shopping. Oh, and many thanks to the lovely Ms. Stier for trusting me with her baby, and to Lacey for being a fierce friend and partner, not to mention an embarrassment of visual talent. I wuv you both.