Resolution: Ripple

01/05 2024

OK, truth bomb time: I’ve actually been working with Ripple since the end of April 2023. I know I haven’t mentioned it, and it’s not like I’ve WANTED to keep it a secret or anything. It’s just been so freaking fast-paced and fantastic that I haven’t had a chance to blog about it. But that nonsense stops now as I couldn’t be more proud to introduce you all to Resolution: Ripple, one of the many exciting projects I’ve had the chance to launch with this plant-based milk brand.

And if it’s cool with you, I’m just gonna take this opportunity to chat about some of the other Ripples we’ve been making together too.

First Up, the Resolution.

Ripple is a game-changer. It solves the previously unsolvable in every pour. It does what others don’t, can’t or won’t with ease. It instantly becomes the only milk you need.  And this year, we’re challenging YOU to sip into the New Year with so much life-altering protein and smooth, creamy taste…you’ll never know it’s not dairy.

I got to work with the team to create the concept for this 2024 sales initiative, write the copy and guide the communications that the team so deliciously brought to life. I’m Resolution: Ripple-ing all month—nay, all LIFE long—and I hope you’ll join me. Find a Ripple retailer in your area or shop online now. Nab 20% off sitewide now through the end of January with code RR20.

Next (or actually earlier), brand foundations.

Back in spring when I first hooked up with Ripple, the team was looking for some solidifying strategic work. They wanted to establish what Ripple stands for in a sea of other plant-based options. We first made a list of all the ways in which our brand is a badass:

  • Irresistible taste and smooth, never-gritty texture. Ripple milks and protein shakes are the stuff of obsession. For real tho…people stock their pantries and fridges like the world is about to end.
  • Allergen-friendly. A big fat ZERO of the top 9 allergens are in this pea-protein-powered miracle.
  • Sustainability. Ripple is literally saving the planet one glass as a time, using far less energy and 4x less water to produce than almond milk. Check out The Ripple Effect on the website. 
  • PEAS. The humble yellow pea is a bonafide nutrition powerhouse, and nobody knows that it’s what makes Ripple, ripple. With the rise of pea protein’s popularity, it was time for us to get loud and proud about what Ripple is really made of.

From there, we looked to our fan base to tell us what makes Ripple the brand that they simply cannot live without. The answer? Ripple is a game-changer. Finally, parents no longer have to worry about nourishing their kids who have food allergies because there is a allergy-free, low-sugar option that doesn’t taste like chalk. Finally, people who want to avoid dairy (or just skip it time to time) have a milk that measures up and even BEATS the nutrition in regular milk. FINALLY, families can all drink the same motha-effin’ milk! VICTORY!

We positioned our brand as the one that MAKES WAVES because, well, our name is Ripple. And because shaking things up and making life better is what we do.

One more for now: Ripple Kids.

Ripple Kids provides “peas of mind” and the sweet (or unsweetened) relief that you finally found a milk that checks all the boxes.

It’s the first and only plant-based milk specifically designed for kids, and families are drinking it right up. Original Ripple Kids skyrocketed our brand to new heights, and I got to help with the launch of Ripple Kids Unsweetened and Ripple Kids shelf-stable. Hallelujah!

Parents love the dairy-rivaling nutrition and allergen friendliness. Kids love the taste and the fact that  “pea milk” is just really fun to say. I loved writing copy and developing concepts that help families discover Ripple for the game-changing milk that it is.

Some sample headlines:







That’s all for now, but trust me: there’s lots more where that came from.

HUGE thanks to Becky, Shannon, Katherine, Linda, Haley, Jesse and the entire Ripple team for inviting me to be part of this journey. I can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store.