Garden Girl Website Launch.

06/03 2015

Gardening season is upon us, and if you like to look darling even when you’re covered in dirt, Garden Girl USA is just your style.

Check out the recently revamped website with wheelbarrow-loads of content by EBB Copywriting. I think you’ll really dig it. (Get it? Wheelbarrow…dig…gardening? It all works, girls.)


Website design by Jess Broom. Garden Girl owned by ROW Brands.


Rose Gloves // Meet the gloves that can wrangle throngs of even the sharpest thorns. These top-selling, triple-reinforced rose gloves protect you up to the elbow as you dig into all the deep bushes in your backyard. One pair is all you’ll ever need because these babies are durable as all get out. Plus, they’re just so pretty. Rich neutral tan and brown pair with soft pink and graceful embroidery for a style that says, “Green thumb inside.”

Gardening Pants // Introducing the most stylish pair of pants you’ll ever want to cover in dirt. They’ve got tons of thoughtful, convenient features, loads of work-ready strength, and their share of flattering looks that go from garden to on-the-go without skipping a beat. Lest we forget our signature Wonderfit side stretch panels for maximum motion every way you move. Honestly, getting filthy in your Sunday best never felt so right.

Skort // Skirt or shorts? Shorts or skirt? It’s an age-old dilemma that women have faced for generations. But we’re talking about fashionable working wear here, so we say, “Can’t a girl get both?” Built to tough it out in the dirt yet still charming enough to wear running errands, these girly garden skorts serve up the style of a skirt plus the coverage of a short all in one pretty package. Perfect for warm days and gathering compliments.

Wellington Boots // Everyone loves a good Wellington, and ours takes things a step farther (pun intended) with built-in design features that your feet wont be able to resist. We designed the sole to wrap up the sides of the boot instead of just laying flat, which provides a more ergonomic, comfortable stride. And blisters? No, ma’am. These tall Wellington boots also feature a buckle-fastened upper-leg gusset for maximum movement and a more generous fit.