Flavor Lives Here.

09/20 2016

A bygone Boulder restaurant has reemerged as a frozen foods brand this month with the debut of Casa Alvarez Foods. Founded by the owners of Casa Alvarez restaurant—which closed in 2014 to enable the proprietors to pursue other passions—this local business is now bringing some serious spice to the frozen food aisle in the form of some sizzling chile verdes. Or is it chiles verde? Either way, it’s muy bueno!

PorkBagTomatoPack (1)

I got to work on the branding, tone of voice, packaging, press and website for Casa, and I have to say, this baby is particularly near and dear to my heart. I was introduced to the team through mutual friends who, at the time, had no idea that I had shared a first date with my now-husband and held our wedding reception at Casa Alvarez. Small world? Maybe. Destiny? Definitely.

Casa_Logo (2)

Thanks to Liz for making the intro, to Faven Creative for blowing my mind with the designs and to Betty, Evan and David for trusting me with your brand. And to anyone reading this, get out there and get some of this bomb chili ASAP. You’ll never look back.