Gasp-worthy Grapes Are A’Growing.

09/14 2018

Calling all fruit lovers, vineyard swooners and snackers with ‘grape expectations’. To the Concord crazies, the seedless fanatics and, heck, all the winos out there too. Allow me to introduce you to a brand-new brand of brand-new table grapes that’s bringing fresh shapes and tastes to this often forgotten fruit.

Bright Vines™, now appearing in produce aisles across the nation, are noticeably different breeds of grapes that will have you WOW!-ing all over the place. There’s “The Funny Yummy Grape” aka Sweet Sapphires® that are long like fingers and burst with sweet fruity flavor. Then there’s “The Juicy Burst Grape” aka Candy Dreams® that seriously taste like the love child of Welch’s grape jam and a juice-filled Gusher. There are also two more poppable crossbreeds that you’ll absolutely love to love. But before you start freaking out about what it took to grow them, rest assured: there’s no funny business here. All Bright Vines are all-natural, U.S.-grown and Non-GMO Project Verified. They’re just grapes meeting grapes to make new…well…grapes.

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Bunches of thanks to the Sterling-Rice Group for letting me name and help position this unique and vibrant produce brand. The name evokes imagery of shimmering, sun-lit lands and fruitful acres while the bold, poppy logo rounds things out to create a brand born to stand out in the boring world of the same old reds and greens. Pluck yeah, baby!