The Cocobear Explosion

06/28 2021

I. Love. Working on this brand. It doesn’t hurt that we’re fast expanding across Colorado either.

Cocobear is now available at the original Lucky’s Market in North Boulder, in addition to both Wonder Press locations (DEN and BDR), Asian Pacific Market in Colorado Springs and Jungle Bar in Boulder. The team and I are so proud to see our awesomely organic, eco-friendly, fresh-frozen coconuts flying off the shelves.

Take a Tropical Snackation.

From tropics to table. That’s the promise of these cute little coconuts that bring the righteous flavor and nutrition of fresh coconuts to the…uhmm…non-coconut-friendly climates of the world?

The Cocobears currently fueling Colorado are among the 25,000 that made the journey from Thailand to Colorado to mark the first shipment of frozen young Thai coconuts in history. With five electrolytes that make coconut water more hydrating than regular H20, I love sipping on one after a long run. Then I make a smoothie with the soft, spoonable meat. And then best part is: you can keep them in your freezer until you’re ready to defrost and enjoy, which means less produce goes to waste because you “just weren’t in the mood” to eat it before it goes bad.

The Cocobear Den

Cocobear is a small and mighty startup, and we wanted to keep our investors up on the coco-happenings. So, as a recent initiative, we created The Cocobear Den. We “shipped” the second volume of this email newsletter recently, and I just think it’s absolute 🔥. The design is so on-brand, the copy is playful and engaging (if I do say so myself — ha!), and it’s just the kind of work and team I feel so proud to be a part of.

Take a look ⬇️