Introducing Ripple Shake Ups

07/03 2024

The Idea

It’s 8pm. Do you know what your kids ate today? As a parent in today’s fast-moving world, it’s a challenge to know if your kids are actually getting the nutrition they need–especially when they’re old enough to make some of their own choices in the cafeteria and on the go between activities.

Introducing Ripple® Shake Ups™
A new generation of protein for today’s generation of kids

Ripple® Shake Ups™ are the craveable plant-based protein shakes that take the questioning out of kids nutrition. YES, they will love it (and actually drink it!) because it’s fast, fun and has major milkshake vibes. YES, you can relax knowing that your kids are well-fueled with an excellent source of pea protein, 3g of fiber, vitamins, minerals and only 9g of sugar or less.  YES, it’s free of the top 9 allergens including soy, gluten and eggs. YES, this is really happening.

The Job

I’m honored that I got to work on this game-changing product launch since before it was even a thing. I wrote the concepts for consumer testing, named the product and flavors, penned all packaging copy, wrote the tagline, created the marketing messaging (emails, social headlines, etc.) and promotional campaign (The Hangry Stops Here), and now I am as proud as a parent watching their kid graduate Harvard with honors. Because this sh*t looks gooooood.

A million congratulations plus 13g of protein and 3g of fiber to Team Ripple and to my design buddy Chelsea Carron on forever changing the way tweens do protein.

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