How Do You “Wheat” It?

06/01 2021

Cream of Wheat is a classic, and it’s been the same warm, comforting cereal since it first launched in 1893. Thing is…the packaging was starting to look almost as old as the brand. (Cough, cough…that’s dusty.) It was time for a refresh, and as a lifelong Cream of Wheater, I was pretty stoked to be hired to write it.

How Do You “Wheat” It?

After exploring a series of potential design and copy directions, we landed on a concept based in culinary creativity. Cream of Wheat makes the perfect canvas for all kinds of flavors — from sweet to savory and crunchy to gooey. There’s really nothing you can’t put on it for delicious results. NOTE: I’ve only had one or two fails, and those were my own fault for getting cocky with my cooking skills. The new box asks hungry shoppers How Do You “Wheat” It? and resolves  on the back with tasty topping ideas and encouragement to explore your bowl without bounds.

The same wheaty tagline is now spooning out imagination across social media and other branded communications too. Because it’s a whole new Cream of Wheat, baby!

The Next Generation

The previous packaging is old news, and our refreshed — but still easily recognizable design — is on shelves now. Big thanks to the B&G Foods team for letting me put a fresh coat of copy paint on this legendary breakfast brand. I’m honored you liked the copy enough to trademark the hell out of it. Every ™ I see is like a warm, cozy hug.

Now that the project is done, I guess there’s nothing else to do but head to the kitchen and whip up a bowl of the good stuff. Writing this blog made me hungry, and I have yet to try pickles as a topping. We’ll see how this goes…