Cold Weather. Cool Mint.

12/06 2016

Holy freezing temperatures, Batman! These Colorado weather patterns be cray. But you want to know the best way to fight the winter blues? Chocolate. Even better? Dark chocolate. Even better better? Dark chocolate cups filled with creamy, dreamy mint. Swoon.


Free2B Foods (formerly Sun Cups) is on a mission to bring free-from foods to the masses so that no one—and I mean NO ONE—is left out of the sweetness. Their sensational confections are all totally allergen-free, with dairy-free being the most recent addition. Faven Creative included me as part of the team responsible for the vibrant new positioning and packaging. Since the rebrand, Free2B has expanded their product line to include chocolate bars and—COMING SOON—something else exciting and delighting. So keep a lookout on store shelves and social media, and for heaven’s sakes, zip up your jacket. It’s freezing out there.