Hits Like a Virtual Bear Hug

06/27 2022

The new Cocobear website is up and running, and this brand is legit about to explode (unlike our fresh-frozen coconuts that totally don’t explode thanks to our patent-pending freezing process).

That’s right, people. Cocobear is hitting the cyberverse with an updated site that reflects the badass brand I’ve had the honor of building over the past several years alongside founder and CEO Torin Kline, the design wizards at Studio Kronk and the fearless doer-of-all-things Brittany Joy. Head to cocobearorganic.com for Cocobear everything: health info, how to open, plastic-free practices, organic Thai farms and much more.

Get Cocobears delivered to your doorstep.

And as if the new website wasn’t exciting enough, people across the U.S. and Canada can now buy Cocobears online via GTFO It’s Vegan!

– Available in singles and 2-packs (Cool.)
– Shipping cost stays the same if you buy one or many Cocobears, so stock up! (Very cool.)
– Delivered frozen with cold shipper (The coolest.)