Looking Good, HEX and Hogs.

10/02 2020

Just a quick little update from two clients that are…basically total opposites. One helps clean and un-stink your clothes while the other literally comes from a pigpen. One is concerned about what you put ON your body, while the other goes IN your belly. One is HEX Performance laundry care and the other is Lazy-J Ranch heritage pork. And away we go…

Safeway has some serious Hex appeal.

I was thrilled to see the HEX Performance lineup looking lovely at my local Safeway this month. I’m so proud of the branding and packaging work we did to give this brand a playful and energetic tone that goes all in on science without sounding stuffy. And I’m not just the copywriter, I’m also a client. The Fresh & Clean Detergent and Unscented Laundry Conditioner are my favorite products. And the Deodorizing Spray is da bomb for stinky running tights.

Here’s a peek of the full product family from PR Newswire:

Lazy-J ain’t so lazy after all.

My buddy John aka Bacon Bandito has officially rebranded his local heritage pork business from Placerita Ranch to Lazy-J, and the new materials are already making waves at the Longmont Farmers Market. I got to help out with creative direction and copy for his new booth, including our favorite line on the email signup: “Don’t worry. We won’t hog your inbox.” Get it?! Because hogs are pigs and pigs make pork. Ahhhh, I crack myself up. I’m also a vegetarian, so I had to bring some levity to the project somehow.