Looking for Love Online?

01/13 2020

Ba-ba-da-daaaaaa! Love Grown’s new website is now LIVE and taking names (not in the “taking down opponents” kind of way β€” more like, if you want to join their newsletter list and stuff). The fully redesigned lovegrown.com is the clickable, tappable, scrollable and geez-that’s-adorable online version of the rebrand project I did with Alicia Potter of Faven Creative last year.

Love Grown is on a mission to bring ‘better’ to more than just breakfast, and they’re doing it with better foods made with better ingredients. We’re talking cereals made with beans and whole grains. Granolas that don’t send your blood pressure flying with sugar spikes. And oatmeal that’s made of…well…oats. But they’re really good oats, and there’s not a bunch of crap crowding the rest of the ingredient list. Even the kids cereals have bowl-loads of redeeming qualities that *almost* outshine the tasty flavors β€” but not quite πŸ˜‰

It has been a bonafide pleasure helping bring this brand into its fresh new face with strategy and positioning, copywriting (packaging, website, tagline, etc.), trade show materials and more. Thank you so much to Alicia for bringing me onto the team, and to Dagny, Lance and the rest of the Love Growners for making this one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever sunk my teeth into.