Fruit Is Going Places. Introducing: Fruitivity Snacks.

01/20 2017

Drumroll please…

Fruit isn’t just a food to us. It’s a playground.
A natural wonderland of unexplored creativity.

A bright and colorful palette of snacking adventure.
A never-ending story ripe with untapped potential.

At Fruitivity Snacks, we believe that nature made fruit so that we could make it even better.

We create curiously—thinking outside the produce aisle and never fearing failure because we know it’s just part of the fun. After all, we love fresh fruit as much as the next guy, but we love playing with it even more. There are still so many delicious new places for fruit to go.

Places with zing and places with crunch.
Places at breakfast, snack time and lunch.
Places in cars and places outside.
Places where flavor can no longer hide.
Places you go. Places you stay.
Places made brighter when fruit comes to play.

This is a big one for me, people. Since last summer, I’ve been raising a little brand baby called Fruitivity Snacks from it’s first steps in strategy and positioning, all the way through brand naming, tagline, packaging, product line innovation, manifesto and more. And today—well, last night at the launch party—this unorthodox food brand made its grand and imaginative debut.

Formerly, Appleooz (below is the old name and branding for comparison), the brand was purchased by Boulder’s 1908 Brands back in May of last year. Since then, I’ve been busting my writer butt alongside designer Alicia Potter of Faven Creative, strategist Molly Lazarra and the 1908 team to bring this fruitful new idea to fruition. I’m gonna say fruit one more time: fruit.

Thanks to an inspiring positioning and the brand team’s willingness to follow us into the unexpected abyss of creativity, Fruitivity launched with four new SKUs (plus its original two) that take fruit to places its never been before. Look for all six flavors in Whole Foods, Lucky’s Markets, Alfalfa’s and a whole bunch of other local and national retailers. New website coming soon too.

That’s one small step for apple chips, and one giant leap for fruitkind.