Two Brands Kicking Butt

04/01 2021

Any other branding peeps ever walk around a grocery store, see a package you worked on, and for just a moment feel like all is right in the world? Like…the long hours, hard work and hustle has been worth it? Well, I’ve had that experience a few times lately, and wanted to share the warm fuzzies. Join me, won’t you?


Urban Canvas is one the most talented design shops on earth. So naturally, any time they invite me to be part of a project, I jump at the chance. Our team was tasked with coming up with an eye-catching shopper marketing and online advertising campaign for an all-new plant-based performance beverage, Silk ULTRA.

Every ultra-creamy serving boasts a category-leading 20g of complete plant-based protein plus vitamins and minerals to power your workouts, support strong bones and help your muscles recover. It’s the official fuel of personal bests, brought to you by the #1 plant-based beverage brand and endorsed by two of the world’s winningest athletes: Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman.

Check out our work below, and look for Silk ULTRA in the plant-based milk cooler at your local grocer. No shaker bottle required. No chalky aftertaste. This is the ULTRA beverage that your #BeastMode has been waiting for.

Plant Perfect

It started as plant-based mayo. Then, it grew to a full line of creamy, dreamy, un-vegan-believable™ salad dressings. And soon, Plant Perfect will launch two jaw-dropping, mouthwatering varieties of dairy-free buttery spread. Shoot, I thnik I jsut short-ciriutde my keybaord with drool. Oops.

OK fixed.

The mind and man behind Plant Perfect aka “Mark the Spark” recently sent these new marketing materials my way, and I couldn’t wait to share them. The 30-second spot, online ads and posters use the copy I wrote when we first created this brand with the all-powerful Alicia Potter. Talk about flipping the plant-based script and going all in on unapologetic veganism, amiright?!

Big Love To (and From) The Matzo Project

I randomly found this brand online and the Jewish granddaughter in me related SO HARD to the packaging that I wrote The Matzo Project an email. I told them how much I loved their copy and design. I said how I connected with the brand vibe and felt like it was my relatives speaking to me through a bag of matzo chips. And as it turns out…IT WAS!

After a quick search on LinkedIn and putting two and two together from some old family stories, I realized that Ashley Albert, co-founder of The Matzo Project is, in fact, my cousin. LMAO

Not only is this one of the wilder coincidences in my lifetime, but the whole experience reinforced my belief that we creatives need to support, compliment and raise each other up. Ours is a highly ego-driven industry, and I for one want to make it more kind and caring. I loved what these guys were doing, I told them that, and get this: they sent me a matzo care package that would be the envy of any rabbi in need of a little nosh.

So, let’s all be nice to each other, ok guys? It pays off. Sometimes in matzo. Thank you to The Matzo Project (and to my long-lost cousin Ashley).