If it has to do with writing for brands, I’ll probably do it.


I write words, I form sentences and I most often punctuate correctly — unless of course the overall idea is made lesser by petty grammatical marks. My specialties include packaging (food & beverage, CPG, other things people buy), brand manifestos and taglines, websites, taglines and other branded materials.*


I’m a passionate and prolific namer of brands, sub-brands, programs and initiatives, products, flavors and my pets. I’m also skilled in performing initial trademark screens using Google and the federal trademark database (TESS) to maximize the potential for trademark ownership.

Naming portfolio available upon request or check out the naming category of my blog.

Brand Strategy
+ Positioning

I have a knack for helping brands identify what they stand for and define how to stand out in their respective categories. I’m a practiced brand workshop facilitator who brings agency-level creative thinking at a non-agency price tag.

Creative Direction

With almost two decades of experience under my belt, I guide and direct creative teams to ensure all branded communications are cohesive, strategic, polished and disruptive (when I’m allowed). And sometimes when I’m not.

Tone of Voice

Brands talk pretty (or boldly, or weirdly, or wisely, or whimsically, or professionally, or any number of other ways) when I get my hands on them. I help uncover the unique tone of voice that supports a brand’s truths and speaks to customers in their language.

Campaigns + Advertising

I started my career in ad agencies and still have a taste for it. I work with design and client teams to concept and write campaigns that generate brand awareness or promote products and services through online, out-of-home, print and unconventional channels.

Content Strategy

I have a real thing for purposeful structure. I help brands prioritize and organize their messaging for optimal impact — heck, even color-coding — to ensure execution is a breeze for designers and developers. This is most often a service for websites or materials with multiple sections or pieces.

* What I Don’t Do

TV and radio aren’t my strong suits. Full transparency: I just kind of suck at scriptwriting, so I let the pros handle that. I also don’t do much B2B collateral (sales sheets, technical writing, etc.), social media or ongoing blog writing unless it’s a client or cause I connect with. Hey, never say never, right?

Blig blog, chit chat. Here’s where all my work is at.

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