6 Brands? Yogurt To Be Kidding Me.

09/02 2021

I love yogurt, and I love working with Danone. So yeah, it’s been a pretty great year.

Since January, I’ve been proud to partner with the culture-crazed spooniacs who run the yogurt business for Danone North America. From Two Good® with its two goods (only 2g of sugar + helping fight food waste and food insecurity with every cup) to the new real-fruit-chunky Oikos®, it’s been a wild ride. But it’s one I’d gladly wait in line to ride again and again and again until I puke. Well, not really. I was going for a whole roller coaster analogy, so it felt fitting. But in all seriousness, these brands do your gut some serious good.

As an homage to the outstanding teams who work so hard to make their yogurts make a difference, I wanted to write a little ditty about each of the six brands I work on. Thank you for trusting me with your always-half-full cups. You rule the dairy aisle.


(What I Do: copywriting, tone of voice, messaging strategy, campaign consulting)

Doing more with less makes life taste better.
Doing two goods with every cup makes work feel like play.
Doing stuff for this brand seems too good to be true.

If you want less sugar than standard Greek and want to make a positive difference with the brands you buy, do more good with Two Good.


(What I Do: copywriting, tone of voice, messaging strategy, packaging)

Epic is a straight-up understatement.
Nothing about it is understated.
Don’t you understand?
Oikos will not be underestimated.

If you want the creamy one with the real fruit chunks, Greek out on Oikos, the rule-bending, spoon-bending yogurt brand of the modern world.


(What I Do: copywriting, tone of voice, packaging, limited-editions)

Light + Fit
Cool + Lit
Fresh with wit.
Come and get it.

If you want nutrient density and flavor intensity in just 80 lighthearted calories, reach for the brand that makes a habit out of making wellness easy.


(What I Do: copywriting, new products, tone of voice, naming)

Probiotic pioneers. Microbiome mavericks.
It’s a bio-party of billions in your mid-section.
Trust your gut to the brand that knows it.

If you want enjoy your health and wellness on the regular (and stay regular while you’re at it), take action with the brand that proves bacteria isn’t all bad. “Activia. It’s not just about digestion.” –My hiking partner Doug


(What I Do: tone of voice, campaign work)

We are Silk.
Plants are life.
Talk is good.
Act is better.

If you want to do the dairy-free thing with creamy flavor waves out the wazoo, get to the bottom of cup of Silk plant-gurt. World impact mode: initiate! Form of…sustainable soy, almond, cashew, oat and coconut.


(What I Do: packaging)

Candy. Candy, guys.
Candy in your yogurt.
Your creamy, dreamy, lowfat vanilla yogurt.
Seriously. Guys. Candy.

If you want to crank your snacking up a notch with crunchy mix-ins and more fun than you can fit on a spoon, say “Yo” to YoCrunch and live life louder.

Thank you to the entire team at Danone for your continued partnership. You know who you are, and you know I love ya.