Put. This. In. Your. Face. Hole. Right. Now.

03/09 2016

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest copywriter in the world. I get to work on some of the coolest brands, with some of the coolest people, in the coolest place on earth. Case in point: Made In Nature.

This organic snack brand was tired. Exhausted, actually. Their products are the shiz, but their brand was practically invisible. Made In Nature had a standard look and a healthy, wholesome tone of voice that was doing little to attract today’s generation of active snackers. You know who I mean: millennials.

I hooked up with the brand, helped them solidify a provocative tone of voice, and got to write pack after pack of some of the most fearlessly entertaining copy you’ll ever read on a bag of dried fruit. Plus, Victors & Spoils did a mighty fine job with the bold new design.

I want to thank Made In Nature for having me aboard (new website coming soon) and being such a great client to work with. And now I’d like to invite you readers to feast your brain on some copy samples from the packs:



Nature made pineapples prickly for a reason. It figured, “Hey, if I’m making something this juicy and delicious, people should have to work for it.” Fair enough. But for those of you who’d rather skip the spikes, we peel and slice our plump, punchy Organic Pineapple so it doesn’t bite back.

Each piece is a killer balance of naturally sweet and tart flavors that deserve to speak for themselves. That’s why we never add any added sugar. Frankly, we see no need to mess with perfection—especially on a fruit that’s born with armor and likes to fight.



“Sinfully good” doesn’t even begin to describe these soft little slices of orchard glory. Meet our heavenly Organic Apples—seasonally harvested snacks with a flavor so pure, so righteous and so divine that you’ll crave them to the core.

After cold winter nights and long summer days, these apples ripen right on the tree to earn that signature natural sweetness. We never add sugar (that’d be blasphemy). We never use chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients (that’s just nasty). And we always make sure our quality is so right, it’s almost wrong. How do you like them apples?



Some people say snacks are no laughing matter. They think food is only meant to nourish, not amuse. Well, they can go ahead and keep on strolling down Serious Street because we believe nature has what it takes to make you smile so big, you laugh for no reason. Enter: our Organic Mangos.

Ripened in the hot tropical sun, these tender strips of mango serve up a healthy burst of fresh flavor and comic relief from the standard day-to-day. But our quality? That we don’t take lightly. Only the finest, juiciest fruits will do, and we are not joking around. Seriously.