Posture Rebellion Website Launch.

08/03 2015

“Stand up straight!” “Shoulders back…stick out your chest!” “Suck in that gut!” “Tuck your tailbone!”

Actually, dont.

Today’s pounded-into-our-brains rules of posture are hurting us, and Posture Rebellion is your chance to take a (smarter) stand. Owned and operated in San Francisco by posture expert Stephanie Engelsen, Posture Rebellion is a series of classes that teach you how to say, “So long!” to back and spinal strain and, “Howdy-ho!” to better, happier habits. It’s power to the pain-free, so the tagline says.

Check out this new website that tells it like it is—written by EBB Copywriting and designed by Alicia Potter of Faven Creative. I got to develop the brand’s defiant tone of voice, write all the content and learn more than I ever thought I’d know about posture. The Truths page is particularly enlightening.