Meet Evenpulse.

04/12 2017

What was once The Magis Group is now Evenpulse™, and I’m the girl responsible. Well, partially at least.

When Crow & Raven first approached me about this project, it was strictly a tagline exploration. Straight up: I knew I could do more, and I begged them to let me. Luckily my powers of persuasion served me well because the next thing I knew, I was taking this brand on the transformation ride of a lifetime.

This is a company that’s doing something BIG. It’s literally changing lives every day, and the current name and brand just weren’t doing it justice. Magis Group founders Stephen and Elizabeth Robinson developed a training method to help people maintain focus and stay resilient in ultra-high-stress positions—think military, police, firefighters, professional athletes, top-level CEOs, etc. The program’s patented BASE-R Method™ teaches real-time self-regulation to improve performance under intense mental and physical pressure. Even better: it’s scientifically proven.

I took the team through a half-day brand workshop, which led to a revealing new position, name and tagline: Evenpulse. The Science of Human Resilience. The name is evocative and descriptive—creating a feeling of calm at its very mention—while the tagline balances things out with a nod to the proof and purpose of the training.

The new website is now live and the new name is now trademarked. And me? I’m just tickled with how beautifully this brand is expressing itself with a newfound sense of clarity, consistency and power.