Get Your Paws on a Cocobear.

03/04 2021

COCO-M-G, you guys. I’ve been waiting to write this blog for months, and I can finally shout it from the virtual rooftops: COCOBEAR IS NOW AVAILABLE IN DENVER AND BOULDER!

Now let me just regain my composure so I can tell you all about this incredible brand that I couldn’t possibly be prouder to be a part of. Frozen-fresh. F*cking. Coconuts. 🤯

The First and Only Frozen Coconut

Nothing says “tropical vacay” like sipping straight from a fresh organic coconut. But that’s an experience you can really only get with a pricy plane ticket and 2 weeks off work…until now. Cocobear™ is the first brand to unlock the secret of flash-freezing coconuts so that they stay as delicious and nutritious as they day they were hand-picked in Thailand.

The un-bear-able (hehe) coconuts you find on most grocery shelves today have been refrigerated for weeks or even months, and they taste like it too. Refrigeration does little to retain the flavor and powerhouse nutrition of a young coconut, but it used to be the only option. You see, freezing a coconut works a lot like freezing a can of soda. When the liquid inside expands, it cracks or explodes. Cocobear’s team of experts cracked the code with their proprietary Coco Below Zero™ technology, which freezes the coconut at the peak of freshness so you can transport to the tropics any time you like.

So Much Better Than Bottled.

Cocobear has so many badass benefits that I’m just going to have to rapid-fire them at you.

1. It’s a drink and a snack in one.
First, use the included biodegradable bamboo straw to tap into waves of coconut water refreshment. Then crack it open to enjoy the soft, spoonable coconut meat. The tender meat of a Cocobear releases easily from the shell so you can snack it straight or easily pop it into a smoothie or recipe.

2. It has nutrition out the wazoo.
Cocobear coconut water is loaded with hydrating electrolytes, and the meat is rich in fiber, MCTs (the fancy fats that coconuts are famous for) and more vitamins and minerals than you can shake a palm tree at. You get nourishing hydration, antioxidants, 2g of protein, a good source of zinc…the list goes on. Like, forever.

3. It’s eco-friendly.
Cocobear is fully compostable, grown sustainably on certified organic farms and easy to ship for a nice, light footprint. Each one has been de-husked and polished into its signature pyramid shape, which reduces weight, bulk and waste. Fact: 100 Cocobears can fit in the shipping space of 20 traditional diamond-cut coconuts.

4. It’s so freaking cool.
Is it even possible not to look and feel awesome drinking from a coconut? No. No it’s not. And here’s the proof:

Now Available at Wonder Press,Jungle Tiki Bar and Asia Pacific Market

Can’t wait to get your paws on a Cocobear? I feel you, friend. Head to Wonder Press (Denver and Boulder locations), Jungle tiki bar in Boulder and Pacific Ocean Mart in Colorado Springs. More retailers, including grocery stores, are coming online in the coming weeks too. From there, we hope to grow nationwide so that everyone can enjoy nature’s most perfect food straight from the original packaging. Bye-bye, plastic bottles and processed coconut waters. Hello, pure health and happiness.

What We’ve Done and What’s to Come

I’ve had a blast working with the inspiring and insanely talented Cocobear team (aka Torin, Gary, Kronk and Brittany) to help build this brand from the ground up. I helped develop the tone of voice and direct how the brand shows up on social media. I got to wrote the 2-pack box (recyclable of course), promotional materials and all marketing communications. I crafted the tagline and named the Coco Below Zero™ freezing process. And I wrote and creative directed the upcoming website refresh (I’ll let you all know when it’s live). As I sit here writing this, I literally can’t wait to continue on as part of this coco-tastic team. Thanks so much for having me, guys. xo

Stay tuned because this one’s gonna be big.
I can feel it in my coconuts.

(That came off far cruder than I intended, but you get it.)