Pact’s Pact: As Yourself or Not At All.

02/07 2018

If you’re looking to put some sustainable swagger in your shopping routine, consider this a shameless plug for what’s becoming one of my very favorite clients: Pact Apparel. This planet-conscious basics brand settles for nothing less than the finest organic cotton, fair trade at a fair price, and the best fitting and -feeling styles you’ll ever have the pleasure of putting your butt in (underwear’s their bestseller).

I’ve been hard at work with the leadership and creative teams over the past few months to capture what really makes Pact great—beyond the obvious ethics slant—in a spanking new brand vision (last ass reference, I swear). We landed in a place of purely unpretentious and naturally nonjudgemental individuality. Pact’s empowering new tagline: As Yourself, or Not At All™. You’re the best part of any outfit anyway. Pact just provides the clothes you need to unleash what’s underneath.

Stay tuned for buttloads (sorry) more fun stuff to come, including a new look, website refresh, articles, ads and more. And for a guaranteed good time online, follow them on Instagram. You know, if you’re into that.

Now get off your keister and buy some briefs or bikinis already. Or leggings. Or a hoodie. Or some socks. Everybody likes socks.

The Pact manifesto:

Here’s to being human.

To the tall people, small people, bold people and bright people.
Here’s to the women who save the day dressed in leggings and a tank.
And to the guys who rock a hoodie like it’s a damn superhero cape.

Here’s to the people who treat others right.
And to the ones who always try to do the right thing.
Here’s to the ones who make messes, but also clean them up. Eventually.
And to the ones who try. And fail. And then try again.

Here’s to not being perfect, but feeling comfortable in your own skin.
And to keeping your comfort close and your values closer.
Here’s to making the softest, most planet-conscious clothes we can.
And to organic cotton—only and always. And fair trade at a fair price.

Here’s to all being different, but the same in so many ways.
And here’s to wearing our true selves on our sleeves.

Here’s to you. Here’s to we.
Here is our pact: As yourself, or not at all.