Get Your Film Fix at Altitude.

09/20 2018

Last season, I thanked my lucky stars (and festival co-directors Jen and Michael Brody) for the chance to attend the Crested Butte Film Festival as a VIP. I’d worked closely with the Brodys months before to position their brand with a disruptive and transformative idea we all got pretty excited about: We Move You to Move the World.

Now in its second year under the new positioning, CBFF translated some of the copy I wrote into a brilliant visual advertisement for the festival, and I was elated to watch it no fewer than five times in a row. (Okay six, but who’s counting?) I also browsed this year’s lineup and have been cursing my travel schedule ever since for keeping me away this time around. From powerful documentaries and phenomenal features to thought-and-action-provoking shorts, there’s no shortage of winners just waiting to be watched.

The 2018 Crested Butte Film Festival is poised to make any film lover’s movie-going muscles tingle, and it’s all happening next weekend (September 27–30). So, if you want to escape to a world of raw mountain beauty and cinematic masterpieces, get your passes now and let the evocative experience begin. Local hint: All the theaters are within walking distance (take THAT, traffic), though cruiser bikes are clearly the way to go if you want to be “in” with the cool kids.