Love Grown is Growing Better.

11/22 2019

It’s official. Love Grown has formally announced the rebrand I worked on with Alicia Potter of Faven Creative and Nicole Kugizaki of Saturday Insights.

Boom! Nicole rocked the research. Bam! I worked with Alicia and the awesome Love Grown team to develop the brand’s aspirational and empathetic new positioning and tagline: Growing Better. Bite by Bite.™ Kapow! Alicia crushed it with her category-challenging designs and I got to write the copy to match. Updated website (copy by yours truly) coming soon!

Image credits: Nosh

The rebrand is a true beauty, and I can’t wait to see it on store shelves starting next month. If you haven’t already, give Love Grown’s cereals, granolas and oatmeals a try. They go big on taste and nutrition so it’s easy for you to eat, live and grow a little bit better every day. Because progress is a win no matter how big or small, so this bold and brazen breakfast brand is here to serve ‘better’ for breakfast…and beyond.

(ABOVE: new design left, old design right, BELOW: new design across product lines and in-store shots)