Freedom Tastes Like Chocolate.

01/04 2016

Boulder’s own Sun Cups is now evolving into Free2B Foods—a brand on a mission to provide free-from delights for the chocolatey inclined. These tempting treats give allergens the boot to create a so-sweet experience that’s nothing short of brilliant. And gluten-free. And peanut-free. And tree-nut-free. And soy-free. And egg-free. And soy-free. Because their dedicated facility is free from 11 out of 12 of the top allergens, yet their candy tastes so good it’s bad…and then goes all the way back around to being good again. #MindBlown

Many thanks to Alicia of Faven Creative and Kazia of Kazia Jankowski Consulting for bringing me in to help with the positioning and packaging of this fresh ‘n’ fly brand update. I think it turned out pretty damn skippy.


Image credit: Sun Cups Facebook Page

Want to read the brand manifesto crafted with love, fueled by chocolate and written by EBB Copywriting? It’s right here…

Freedom Tastes Like Chocolate

If you ask us, being free to be yourself is the only way to be. Life just tastes better that way, especially when there’s chocolate involved—the kind of chocolate that everyone is free to eat. No nuts. No gluten. No soy. No GMOs. No worries.

The Free2B story started with a cup, but not your run-of-the-mill peanut butter cup. A sunflower butter cup that brilliantly blended smooth, delicious chocolate with a creamy nut-free center. That’s how we first showed allergies the boot and brought free-from living to life in the most irresistible way possible. And it’s exactly how we’re still doing it today.

What began with our original Sun Cups™ has now grown into a full line of top-quality, allergy-free chocolate treats that don’t leave anyone out. Each tempting piece is crafted by a passionate team of caring moms and trained chocolatiers in a dedicated facility that’s free from nuts, gluten, soy, GMOs, corn and eggs. It’s where trust and delight play side by side and smiles and small-batch sweets are always happily shared.

So go ahead and feel free. Free to say YES to sharing. YES to delight. YES to more. And YES to being any old way you want to be with Free2B Foods.